Packages & Pricing

Casual Session: $12

Unlimited Weekly Membership: $32

Unlimited Monthly Sessions: $122

Unlimited ‘Family’ Monthly Sessions:$170

8 Week Challenge: $400 (contact us for more info)

30 minute PT sessions: $30

45 minute PT Sessions: $40



30-minute body weight, high intensity workout.

4:15pm Wednesdays & Thursdays

Power HIIT

30 Minute circuit using the same work rest ratio 1:1 with the use of weights.

5:30am Tuesdays.


Pre-choreographed MMA/cardio workout to music – full body workout 1 hour.

9:15am Tuesdays & 5:30pm Thursdays with Kahlia.


Combining cardio and boxing techniques in a high intensity 45 minute burner.

5:30am & 9:15am Mondays.

Strength & Conditioning

Functional movement, power, balance, building muscle and bone density with

weights and resistance training.

5:30pm Mondays & Tuesdays, 5:30am Thursdays.


Enjoying the great outdoors, this is a fun, challenging class using weights, body weight, farm

equipment and great music.

9:15am Wednesdays & Fridays, 6:30am Saturdays.

Cross Circuit

Weights and cardio circuit training.

6:15pm Tuesdays & Thursdays.


Aerobic step class, is choreographer, fun, great cardio, suitable for all fitness levels

3:30pm Mondays.

Personal Training

We also offer personal training - 30 minutes of training specific to your goals and needs.

8 Week Challenges

We have 4 rounds a year.