Our Story

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It all started when…

Hi everyone, thanks so much for visiting our website! My name is Amie. 

About nine years ago I had a new born, no energy and felt that struggle of mum life already taking over my life. I found my happy place in fitness in a group surrounding. I then had that taken away as my life became 'busy' and nothing in my area offered a safe, fun, supportive environment for me to workout in a group and bring my kids along.

Five years later, I decided to invest back in myself and do what I was passionate about! Health and fitness and helping other Mum's, Dad's and anyone get their sexy back, physically, mentally and literally.

My Vision was to create a fun and unique fitness experience on our family farm.

This meant creating a space that felt not only good to workout in but also inviting, supportive, social, and child friendly.

And then Be Farm Fit was born! July 2016 we invested in a shed, aka, gym and now we have over 100 clients and an amazing community!

Please reach out with any questions or come along and experience the difference of Be Farm Fit yourself!






Kahlia - Personal Trainer

I am a Mum of three kids who loves living an active life. I started on my fitness journey at 17 where I joined a gym and started participating in the Group Fitness Classes. I. LOVED. IT! My greatest love soon became Pre-choreographed group fitness. Having a background in dance, I loved that I could get a great workout whilst moving to the music.

After having my first two children, knowing how hard it was to get back into a

healthy physical lifestyle, I decided to knuckle down and work towards my Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness. I am qualified in Group Fitness and Personal Training. I spent three great years working in Gyms as a personal trainer, mainly focusing on Pre-choreographed classes (doing what I love!). I am now having a blast running classes for Be farm fit where my kids can come, mingle with other kids and see their mum looking after herself, something I feel is so important. I love to encourage others to make themselves a priority and it brings me so much joy to see other women and men making time in their day to strengthen their body and mind through exercise.

Melissa - Yoga Instructor

Health, fitness and well-being is something that I’ve always been passionate about. Rewind 10 years and Nursing was my chosen career. Whilst studying at University I worked part-time at Fernwood Women’s Health Club in Darwin then transferred to Caloundra, which ultimately turned into 5 years.

On the side I obtained my personal trainer qualifications but had a vested interest in nutrition, outdoor training and well-being.

Being a Mother to 3 girls the importance of trying to gain some sort of balance lead me to view training in a different light and with a more holistic approach.

Over time my interests have morphed into other avenues both career wise and my health and fitness journey and this has led me to recently become a qualified level 1 Yoga teacher with an interest in kids yoga and therapy yoga.

My journey with yoga is just beginning and I am excited to come on board with Be Farm Fit and be amongst other inspiring woman and men who are working towards a common goal with their body, mind and soul. I look forward to playing an active role in your health journey.